Thursday, December 8, 2016

Basketball Season!

The UCO basketball team needs way more support then what they are getting now. These teams have been working tremendously hard and the women's team are undefeated right now. The men are 5-2, and they know how to put on a show for the audience, with dunks, fast pace, and 3-pointers.
Last Saturday both of our teams beat Northeastern State University, with no problem, I must say. But these teams need an audience, at the last game the opposing team had a bigger audience then us, at our own house. So UCO, please please please come to the next home game and show these teams some support.
Every game gives students a chance to win free coke, canes meal, or money when you enter a contest. And Buddy will also be there to take a picture, dance, or give you a hug because I know finals week can be stressful. 
*Sidenote*- Come to the games because 'what would Jesus do'?  Rhetorical question by the way (Laugh out loud).

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