Tuesday, September 27, 2016

OH NO! The rain almost took all my fur!

Woot Woot! The University of Central Oklahoma got their first football win on Saturday against Missouri Western.
This was a great game to watch even though at first I did not know which uniform was us. Do not judge me, it is very difficult to see inside a horse head but when I finally figured it out, the game was amazing.
But let me explain how the rain almost took all my fur. I was doing my thing, you know, dancing, jumping, and taking pictures. I was feeling refreshed because I had just finished my half-time break and I was ready to take a victory lap.
But that night my life changed, I was scared and I started to panic. Because the big announcer guy said that everyone needs to leave the field and get somewhere safe because a no-good thunderstorm is coming near Edmond very quickly.
Now I want all of you to be aware that, I do have morals and I am a firm believer in showers and washing clothes. So yes, I do wash the Buddy Uniform after every event but the head cannot be washed or get wet because if it does it would look like Buddy is melting.
The game was then delayed, and I had to run full speed somewhere safe for Buddy.
After the delay, even though I was not able to return as Buddy, the UCO Football team won, so big shout out to all of these men including coaches and staff!
*Sidenote*- My first year as Buddy, I was washing the basketball uniform and I accidentally dried it and all of the letters fell off into my dryer. Thank God, for super glue! (laugh out loud). 

I have never seen so many women in the sky!

So I think that it is my job to tell you all about Cheerleading Nationals, I went to my first competition last year in Daytona, Florida.
There were cheerleading teams everywhere from all over the world. They were competing to be the number 1 cheerleading squad.
It was my first time being in Florida and I loved being in a hotel room that was overlooking the ocean.
I was able to perform in the competition, with the UCO Cheerleaders. I was super nervous on the stage because I knew that if I fell off the stage, it would ruin the whole performance.
I was also scared that I was going to get kicked in the face while another girl was tumbling.
The first day we arrived, I remember walking to the beach and seeing women being thrown into the air. All I could think was "What the....... women are literally flipping in the sky, they are tripping, they must not care about their lives." 
This is the first photo I took and this was not even half of the teams that were there.
I can remember practicing there, day and night, everyday until competition day. 
The cheerleaders were super nice to me but I can tell that they wanted to curse me out when I stepped in their way. This was more than a competition to them, this was why they cheer in the first place. This was why they put on their outfits, this was why they came to UCO. 
This is why I respect them and this is why cheerleading means much more to me now then it ever has. 
*Sidenote*- I was terrified of the ocean because I kept seeing jellyfish! (Laugh out loud) for real though.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Buddy- A sinful alcoholic or just stupid clumsy?

I will never forget my first football game, I was nervous, excited, overwhelmed, and burning up all at the same time.
I can remember having my hair in a ponytail which was super dangerous but at the time, I thought it was smart.
The head kept sliding on my hair, which was pulling my hair in my face. I had hair in my eyes, mouth, and nose. 
I could smell sweat, more sweat, and hair grease. This was terrible because my hair was blinding me, so as I was walking to the field on the bleachers, I literally thought my life was over.
All I could think was "Come on Des'Ree, you haven't even been Buddy for 5 minutes yet." Luckily, every time that I am Buddy, I have to have a person there to help me get down the stairs.
When I finally reached the field at Wantland Stadium, there was a bucket in front of me, at lease I think it was a bucket. It might have been the football players waters, I have no clue. I cannot see anything below my waist in the Buddy suit. So of course my 6-foot, clumsy self, trips over the bucket and falls.
And I hear a UCO student yell out, "Hey look everyone, Buddy must be drunk."
Well I guess we live and we learn, I may have embarrassed myself or Buddy. But there should really be 'warning' signs on the field for people like me who have to look through Buddy's smile everywhere I go.
 *Sidenote*- I now wear bandanas on my head to keep my hair in place and I promise I go to the games sober (laugh out loud).

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

"Hey look mom, 'roar,' can I touch him?"

There I was on September 19, 2015 at the Hurd on Heard in Downtown Edmond. I was feeling official and amazing in my Buddy suit, I was wearing the basketball uniform so the breeze was coming through the suit perfectly and that day I was so grateful for the sport basketball!
Then out of no where some crooked, no good, hateful, and snotty little boy walks up to me.

This little boy was pure evil and as soon as he walked up to me, I realized that this was the first time that I have been bullied by a 3 foot, 40 pound, 4-year-old. The 4-year-old pulled my tail, punched my leg, and said "Hey does this come off?". He was laughing the entire time while he was kicking me in my shin.

I had to take a minute to bow my head and pray because this little boy was about to get a beat down. I was 3 seconds away from being a ruthless horse that was about to get payback. Where the heck was this little demons parents at?

Then an angel walks up to me, I remember her saying, "Hey, look mom a dinosaur, Roarrrr, can I touch him?" I remember laughing to myself and then I bent down to hug her. This little girl saved a little boy's life.

*SideNote*- Watch your kids because not everyone is as patient as me. (Laugh out loud).

Thursday, September 8, 2016

The turn up was excellent in West Hall!

I can remember turning up in West Hall during move-in day as Buddy.
This was super fun, I would run in the halls.

And watch students go out to their cars and get their stuff and when they come back I would jump out of the closet and scare the crap out of them or be laying on or under their bed!

I also took some more random but interesting pictures with students moving in!

I accidentally smiled for real in this picture, as if you could see my face! 

I also seen a little boy walking with his dad outside of the Suites and at first he was terrified of me but when I got on the ground to his level he was more relaxed.
He gave me a "High-Five," then he asked if I would take a picture with him. Of course Buddy nodded "Yes," and posed for the frame!

*SIDENOTE*- I think Buddy looks sexy in the baseball uniform! (Laugh out loud).

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The sun hated me at Mascot Camp! 9/6/2016

 Good Afternoon people, I want to tell you all the first event that I did, Mascot/Cheerleading Camp.
This was an amazing event because they taught me how to be a mascot and I also met other mascots from different colleges such as OSU and OU.
This event was also very challenging because I was wearing the suit for hours and I was burning up.

The "Head" was super heavy and the basketball uniform on top of the suit made me sweat like a convict at court.
I was also learning how to walk in the suit, it is very hard to see where you are going. Because I look through the mouth and as you can see, Buddy always has a big smile on his face.

I tripped over a few curbs but I like to think that I played it off nicely.
Overall this was an amazing feeling because I was able to get to know all of the cheerleaders.
*Sidenote*- I had to kind of lean in the picture because it is very uncomfortable to sit directly on Buddy's tail (laugh out loud).

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Introductory 9/1/2016

Hello everyone my name is Des'Ree Glover, I attend the University of Central Oklahoma with a major in Professional Media. I grew up in Midwest City, Oklahoma and graduated from Midwest City High School in 2013. I played basketball and ran track all through high school. 
But when I came to college I realized that I did not want to play basketball for the rest of my life and instead I wanted to talk about it so I decided to go with broadcasting.

But I bet a lot of you are wondering why I have a "Horse" on my blog and that is because on May 3rd, 2015 at 3:30 p.m., I decided to go to the Hamilton Field house and tryout to be the face and biggest representation of UCO. 

I have now been the UCO mascot since may 2015 and this blog will tell you all the things that I have done being mascot and the struggles that I have been through as mascot. I am happy and blessed to be able to share with you all my thoughts and now it is time to UNMASKcot Buddy, "Hooves Up."