Thursday, October 27, 2016

I just realized that homeboy was wearing OU!

First of all congratulations to the UCO football team, because we won the game last Saturday! This game was a lot of fun for me because not only did we get 63 points but I'd like to think that we won because I am good luck!
Many of you may know Kay Robinson, Senior Director of Student and Community Engagement and Spirit Teams Advisor but did you know that her handsome son was scared of horses that stand on two feet! He did not cry but I could see the terror in his eyes when we took this picture.

I could see him staring into my smile (eyes), and all I could do was smile because I really thought I ruined his whole day but after the picture he was happy again.
Then, I took a picture with another handsome little boy but he was not scared at all, in fact, he was super excited and thrilled to give me a hug and take a picture.

But what I did not notice in this picture, was that homeboy was wearing ALL OU at my Wantland Stadium! And I honestly think that this should be a sin but do not worry, I do not blame the innocent child, I blame his parents! 
After my Bronchos won the game, cheer, pom, crew, and I took a picture for Robinson. Crew sat down because I know they were tired after running those flags for 63 points but hopefully they will have to do it again and again because victory is a beautiful thing.
*Sidenote*- Life is about creating memories with the people you love and getting money (laugh out loud).

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Can I just complain real quick?

First of all, let me say this, I love UCO with all of my heart but it is time for me to complain just a little bit.
I have some things that I have to get off of my chest because maybe this post will make a difference, just maybe.
Warning! What I am going to say may be disrespectful to some people, but I am sick and tired of listening to depressing music at the games.
I went to the away game in Kansas, two weeks ago and the DJ conquered the booth and we need good music at the games. This may get the boys fired up during the game.
I feel like a white person in a black church for the first time at our games. You know? Confused? Trying to dance and blend in. The music should be uplifting and it should be songs that majority of people know.
Also, at this away game, I noticed they had a track around the football field. Hmmmm WHY the heck don't we have a track field in our stadium?
Our poor track team is taking victory laps around Edmond and calling it their track. I have also never been invited to a track meet as Buddy, this has to change.
OK I am done complaining, Go Bronchos!
*Sidenote*- If the Pastor did not tell you to look at your neighbor(a stranger) and tell them "Good morning, how are you?", then you were NOT at a black church! (laugh out loud).

A crazy miracle, we did not assault each other!

Check out that cute horse!

I saw and posed for the camera with Pistol Pete, the Oklahoma State University Mascot. This was the Block Party, Tuesday night and it was a success. We gave away many prizes. There were food and drinks for the people who participated.
I hope you do not think that we were the only two crazy mascots that attended this event.
Look the Sooner (Boomer) horse came as well!
*Sidenote*- I have no idea who that lady is behind me and I did not know she was back there during the picture.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Buddy and Betz make a great team!

The Central Tech Store grand opening was Friday, September 30 at 9:00 a.m. The new Tech Store is located in the Nigh University Center and if you have not been to the store yet, then I recommend that you stop by.
I was able to join some great people that morning and I was able to cut the ribbon for the grand opening. 
Call me famous now because I got to take a picture with President BetzThis was a cool day because the air conditioning was kicking just right in the Nigh and I did not have to run or jump in the suit.

Look at those two good-looking people, I will keep this picture forever and I never knew President Betz was that tall. He would probably be a great mascot as well.
*Sidenote*- I completely forgot to wash Buddy before this day so I bet President Betz had to hold his breath a little during this picture (laugh out loud).