Thursday, November 10, 2016

Homecoming Parade!

That is the link to watch the full homecoming parade. The parade was amazing, I was shocked at how many people attended the parade. The weather was perfect to be mascot because it was not hot at all and the wind was hitting my face (Buddy's mouth) at the right times. 
Buddy was sitting in the back of a black truck with a few cheerleaders, yes I am a lazy person so I did not walk the entire parade but I did throw candy at people. I appear in the video at about 15 minutes. The homecoming parade was short and sweet but I did think that I was going to fly off the back of the truck.
I also ate more candy then what I shared, obviously I am not very good at parades. We had a bag of laffy taffy's, I ate majority of the red ones and through all the nasty yellow ones. That makes me a considerate person right? Well who cares, God will judge me when that day comes. Plus children do not care what color the candy is, as long as they catch some.
Do you want to know how I ate the candy? Well I lifted the head a little and fed myself but it may have looked like Buddy was putting candy in his neck.
you can see my mohawk(hair) a little

*Sidenote*- I could not see where I was throwing candy and I hit a kid in the face with a laffy taffy (laugh out loud) he did not think it was funny!

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