Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Pose for the Frame!

The last football game of the season, was so much fun and stressful at times during the game. But the UCO football team ended the season with a win.
So on behalf of the football team and the spirit team, thank you for all of the support that you gave to our team this year.
Uh oh, I bet you did not know, Buddy was going to photo bomb your picture. But let us take a minute to admit that it made the picture a little better.

I am pretty sure that I scared the mess out of the woman on the left. But that is ok, what is life without fear? Rhetorical question by the way.
But Buddy also had to take a selfie, I will admit that I might be a little or a lot conceded because I completely enjoy taking pictures.

*Sidenote*- If you have any pictures with Buddy, send them to me and I will post them. (dglover7@uco.edu) but if you don't then you will slip on a banana today (laugh out loud).

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